Our coaches book their own private lessons and offer many varied opportunities for lessons including:
  • Traditional Single Athlete Private Tumbling Lessons
  • Semi-Private Tumbling Lessons with up to Three Athletes
  • Flexibility Private Lessons
  • Jump Private Lessons
  • Tryout Prep Private Lessons
  • Private and Semi-Private Co-ed Stunt Privates
  • Private and Semi-Private Group Stunting Privates (All Girl Style)

Since the coaches control their own private lesson schedules, they can offer more varied time availability and will be better able to respond to their customers needs for bookings!

 ** Please note that any private lessons scheduled outside of Champion’s regular business hours will require a parent to stay and watch. Regular business hours are as follows: In Southlake ~ 3:30-9:30 Mondays-Thursdays, 10-4 Saturdays and 1-7 Sundays; In Justin ~ 4:30-9:30 Mondays-Thursdays and 1-7:30 on Sundays.

All athletes who take private lessons at the gym must pay their annual insurance and registration fees, and must join our Private Lesson Membership Class which has a fee of $10. The $10 fee is automatically waived for all athletes who are on a team or who are currently taking a class, but you will still need to register for the Private Lesson Membership Class.
To be eligible to take private lessons:
  • Got to www.championcheerallstars.com
  • Click the Parent Portal Button
  • Log In (Press Forgot Password if You Need One)
  • Click the Find a Class Button
  • Choose “Private Lessons” under Level
  • Choose the “Private Lesson Membership Class”
  • Proceed with Registration
  • If you are on a team or in a class, your fee will be automatically waived.
  • If you need to stop private lessons and drop the class at any time, please do so prior to the 15th of the month to avoid being charged for the next month.
To schedule a private lesson: The coaches listed on the document below are currently booking private lessons. Please contact the coaches directly for availability and pricing.  Private lessons can be booked in single sessions or as your own recurring lesson slot!

Download Staff Private Lesson Info July 2021 here.

We look forward to working with you to help you reach your goals!